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Attorneys to be Insured w/designations Date Admitted to the Bar Date Joined Firm If Part-Time Numbers of Hours Retroactive Date(If any)
Internal Controls and General Questions:       Insurance History  
Does the firm have a conflict avoidance system? Yes No   Current carrier
Does the firm regularly use engagement letters? Yes No   Expiration date:
Does the firm regularly use declination letters? Yes No   Limits:
Does the firm have a peer/addociate review system? Yes No   Deductible:
Are there 2 calendars to track important dates? Yes No   Premium:
Are there calendars crossed checked by 2 people? Yes No   Year firm established:
How many suits for fees in the past 2 years   Retroactive date:

Areas of Practice (% of gross billings from each area of practice)
% Administrative Law % Elder Law/Social Security % Probate & Trst Administration
% Arbitration/Mediation Labor Law Plaintiff Litigation
% Bankin/Financial Institutions % Employee/Union Rep. % Class Action
% Bankruptcy % Management Rep. % Commercial/Corporate
% Civil Rights/Discrimination % Employee Benefits/ERISA % Medical Malpractica
Civil Litigation % Entertainment/Sports Law % Personal or Bodily Injury
% Defendant Representation Environmental Law % Work Comp/Spcial Security
% Plaintiff Representation % Litigation Real Estate
% Collection/Repossession % Regulatory % Residential
% Construction Law % Family Law - not divorce % Commercial
Corporate % Family Law - divorce % Landlord/Tenant
% General % Guardianship/Juvenile % Title
% Formation/Alteration % Immigration/Naturalization % Syndication/Development
% Mergers/Acquisition % International Law % School Law
% Copyright/Trademark % Investment/Money Mgt % Securities Law
% Criminal Taxation
Defense Litigation Municipal Law % Individual
% Commercial/Corporate % Zomin & Planning % Commercial
% Bodily Injury/PErsonal Injury % Other- not Bonds % Water Rights
% Insurance Co. Representation Oil/Gas/Natural Resources % Wills/Trusts/Estates
% Workers Compensation % Patent % Other - If > 5% describe

Claims/Incidents/Bar Activity :
Amy claims/grievances/Incidents in the past 5 years? Yes No
If Yes, how many? and provide brief explanation with date reported, anounts paid or reserved, and defense expense to date, if any, for each item

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